I promised myself I will keep this thing up-to-date from here on out. My goal is still underway even with all the speed bumps. I Got into a motorcycle accident a while back and kind of slowed my progress. At last! I am better and ready to get back on track.

I’m down ten pounds which I think made my beard grow faster. You know what they say, Running drops pounds. Bearding drops panties. Which is how Aryn and I got into this whole mess anyway. I blame the beard. Then again, someone has to be awesome, it might as well be me. Zander can come any day now. I wonder if he will come out bearded? Most of my favorite people have beards, seems fitting for him to clown hole punch out of there with a stylish beard.

Now I am loosing my point, I am back! I will be posting regularly about my progress, gyming, bearding and kidding.