If you’re not motivated you won’t do anything, myself included. Hell the trash would never go out if I wasn’t motivated to make my house stop smelling like whiskey, beer, and lotion soaked tissues. For this challenge motivation is key. I wanted to post a quick update about my gym and how it motivates me.

We have all been there, gross, over populated gyms. But hey they’re cheap right? Well if your gym isn’t motivational then chances are you won’t go. Paying more for a gym membership does a few things for me. A higher monthly payment makes me want to use it more to get my money out of it. They are usually a lot bigger, nicer, cleaner, and have way more things to do. They have way more membership amenities.

I go to Lifetime Fitness. The place is huge, nice, clean, and they have million things to do to keep me entertained. Indoor basketball, Racquetball, Squash courts, Rockwall, lots of classes, Huge cardio and weight training selections, Two indoor pools (one with water slides), two outdoor pools, Spa, Café, etc… Trust me, you don’t want to know what I pay monthly, but it keeps me motivated to go. I’m not saying you need to go out and break the bank to get in shape or to challenge yourself. The key is finding a place where you feel motivated, otherwise your house will smell like whiskey, beer, and lotion soaked tissues.

Lifetime Locker Room Lifetime Swimming pool