Matt Everts here, Let me tell you a bit about myself and this blog. By day I am a Network Engineer. By night I am a CBG builder, Musician, Gamer, Another Engineer, Inventor, Husband and now soon to be dad. My wife Aryn and I have been together forever so it’s about damn time we did this!

Now, many people know I used to be really fat back in my teens. I lost a crap load back then too. Went from 325lbs to 176lbs in about a year. At that weight I hated myself so I found my sweet spot at 200lbs. Don’t get me wrong I’m still ripped! I can’t wear a jacket without a concealed weapon license. But I’ve packed on a few pounds over the million years I’ve been married.

Currently I’m at 220lbs, My challenge to myself is not only to get back around 200lbs but to get as strong as I possibly can before this baby comes out creepin. That is what this blog will be about (and some baby stuff too). Everything I do at the gym and my progress will be here. Even if only one person reads this it will push me to commit to this challenge. And I challenge you to challenge yourself. If you want to get in shape, live a healthy life, go out and do it! Even if it’s not for the same reason I’m doing. Go push yourself to be the best.

Here are some picks all the chicks will enjoy:

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