I’m back, and more bearded then ever!

I promised myself I will keep this thing up-to-date from here on out. My goal is still underway even with all the speed bumps. I Got into a motorcycle accident a while back and kind of slowed my progress. At last! I am better and ready to get back on track.

I’m down ten pounds which I think made my beard grow faster. You know what they say, Running drops pounds. Bearding drops panties. Which is how Aryn and I got into this whole mess anyway. I blame the beard. Then again, someone has to be awesome, it might as well be me. Zander can come any day now. I wonder if he will come out bearded? Most of my favorite people have beards, seems fitting for him to clown hole punch out of there with a stylish beard.

Now I am loosing my point, I am back! I will be posting regularly about my progress, gyming, bearding and kidding.




Pump It!

It has been a while since my last post. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working! I have been doing more lifting then cardio, so my Barbie arms are getting ripped to the point of expulsion, school is out bitches! I have been trying a new supplement for my workouts too that I want to mention. I have been taking Elite Test 360 along with Ripped Muscle X.

I have never been big into supplements but I do feel a difference in the gym. It could be the thought of taking them or them actually working, either way I like it. November is coming fast and my challenge to myself is in full swing. Another update will be next week! Stay close… Or maybe don’t, I just farted. Now the wife is throwing up, I got to go.

Working it!

If She Smokes


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Then she better make good pancakes, wait…what? I never really got the whole ‘If she smokes she pokes’ thing. I understand what it means but how you get from A to B is beyond me. Anyway, I finally decided to stop smoking. As I mentioned before, this challenge isn’t just about me, but my baby on the way too. I need to be as healthy as I can for him/her. I officially stopped yesterday, threw my pack in the trash and it felt great! Still going strong on day 2, no cravings at all, I really want this so I am keeping a positive mindset. I’ve been smoking for about 5 years. Tried to stop a few times, but this time I’m making it stick, this is too important.

I’m going to start posting more and more on Gym updates, weight, nutrition, random stuff, and baby stuff. Speaking of baby news, we are going to find out the flavor May 30th :). Until next post, I leave you with a picture of me and my nephew, and a Nick Cage Bunny. -Cheers!


Dean and MAtt Bunny Cage


The Motivator


If you’re not motivated you won’t do anything, myself included. Hell the trash would never go out if I wasn’t motivated to make my house stop smelling like whiskey, beer, and lotion soaked tissues. For this challenge motivation is key. I wanted to post a quick update about my gym and how it motivates me.

We have all been there, gross, over populated gyms. But hey they’re cheap right? Well if your gym isn’t motivational then chances are you won’t go. Paying more for a gym membership does a few things for me. A higher monthly payment makes me want to use it more to get my money out of it. They are usually a lot bigger, nicer, cleaner, and have way more things to do. They have way more membership amenities.

I go to Lifetime Fitness. The place is huge, nice, clean, and they have million things to do to keep me entertained. Indoor basketball, Racquetball, Squash courts, Rockwall, lots of classes, Huge cardio and weight training selections, Two indoor pools (one with water slides), two outdoor pools, Spa, Café, etc… Trust me, you don’t want to know what I pay monthly, but it keeps me motivated to go. I’m not saying you need to go out and break the bank to get in shape or to challenge yourself. The key is finding a place where you feel motivated, otherwise your house will smell like whiskey, beer, and lotion soaked tissues.

Lifetime Locker Room Lifetime Swimming pool



Matt Everts here, Let me tell you a bit about myself and this blog. By day I am a Network Engineer. By night I am a CBG builder, Musician, Gamer, Another Engineer, Inventor, Husband and now soon to be dad. My wife Aryn and I have been together forever so it’s about damn time we did this!

Now, many people know I used to be really fat back in my teens. I lost a crap load back then too. Went from 325lbs to 176lbs in about a year. At that weight I hated myself so I found my sweet spot at 200lbs. Don’t get me wrong I’m still ripped! I can’t wear a jacket without a concealed weapon license. But I’ve packed on a few pounds over the million years I’ve been married.

Currently I’m at 220lbs, My challenge to myself is not only to get back around 200lbs but to get as strong as I possibly can before this baby comes out creepin. That is what this blog will be about (and some baby stuff too). Everything I do at the gym and my progress will be here. Even if only one person reads this it will push me to commit to this challenge. And I challenge you to challenge yourself. If you want to get in shape, live a healthy life, go out and do it! Even if it’s not for the same reason I’m doing. Go push yourself to be the best.

Here are some picks all the chicks will enjoy:

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